Our Team

Lowell Stewart, Chief Technology Officer, has eaten, slept and breathed document assembly and automation for more than two decades: first as a software engineer helping to build and refine HotDocs®, then leading its development through a decade during which its revenues grew by 4x, the product focus moved from the desktop to the enterprise data center and then into the Cloud, and HotDocs was acquired by AbacusNext.

After leaving Abacus, Lowell began to rethink many of the fundamental design decisions of a document assembly system — starting with its stubborn focus on the “document” itself. In concept, a document isn’t nearly as important as either the expert knowledge or the data needed to draft it: so automating the capture of those items has become the new focus of his efforts.

Lowell StewartCTO

Kim Mayberry has worked in the document automation industry for the past 15 years as co-owner of REAL Automation Solutions, a HotDocs Consultancy.  During that time, he has helped grow that company into one of the top HotDocs consultancies in the US.  He has also been instrumental in bringing to market the Client Hub, an online interview for HotDocs users that is mobile friendly and is a front runner to Knackly.

Kim received his Bachelor’s Degree in Information System from Brigham Young University and a Masters in Operational Excellence from The Ohio State University.

In his spare time, he loves to mountain bike, ski, and spend time with his family. He reads on average 2 business books a month. He loves to learn and is passionate about helping firms put systems in place that change the lives of the law firm’s clients and team members.

Kim MayberryCEO