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Knackly and client management software

Knackly and Client Management Software

Since the use of client management software is common across most businesses, we have enabled Knackly to.

8 Apr, 2020
How much work is needed to automate documents

How Much Work is Needed to Automate Documents?

A common question is: how much work is needed to automate documents? Like most things in life,.

1 Apr, 2020
Using microsoft word mail merge for automation

Problems with Using Microsoft Word Mail Merge for Automation

Using Microsoft Word Mail Merge features to automate documents can present you with several challenges. One of.

18 Mar, 2020
Sharing information with others

Sharing Information with Others

Knackly has made it possible to share information to the different users in your organization. This can.

11 Mar, 2020

Data Privacy and Knackly

Data privacy is a big deal, that is why Knackly has enabled you to have control over.

4 Mar, 2020

Streamline Your Client Intakes

One of the most time-consuming tasks in almost any organization is gathering and entering client information. External.

3 Mar, 2020
Problems with search and replace for drafting

Problems with Search and Replace for Drafting

Often lawyers will use search and replace to try and save drafting time. This can create problems..

26 Feb, 2020

What is wrong with the existing Document Automation Solutions

Our main goal with Knackly is to solve the problems that we’ve repeatedly experienced using HotDocs and.

20 Feb, 2020

Knackly Update – Adding Videos and Images to your External Client Interviews

We are excited to announce that you can now use videos and images in your Knackly interviews..

7 Feb, 2020

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